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One of the best things we can do to grow in friendship with Jesus and with each other is reading the Bible together.  There is something special about a church all reading the same passages each day and being able to talk about the ways that God is revealing himself in His Word.  The following are some tips for approaching the Word, either by yourself or with others.

Listening to Jesus

In becoming a listening community, we set apart time each day to read the Scriptures. We encourage you to read passages privately, for personal devotion, or with friends of family. Whenever possible, read the passage aloud so you may hear God’s Word, and process the words audibly.

1. Pray. Ask God to give you ears to hear. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal and guide you into truth.

2. Read and Listen. If you are reading with others, have one person read the passage out loud, slowly and clearly. Take turns reading. Always read the passage out loud. All others should listen, not read along, and receive the word in silence.  
a. The reader should begin by stating, “Hear God’s Word from...” citing the reference for the reading.
b. Read the passage through.
c. When reading is complete, the reader should say, “This is God’s Word.”  Friends or family members may respond by saying, “Thanks be to God.”
d. Receive the word in silence, noting what shines out to you, what disrupts you and what response God might be prompting you to take.
e. Share your thoughts with one another.

3. Pray. Conclude with prayer. Thank God for His Word; for how He is teaching us to listen, and for how He is leading our church into a new discovery of His will.

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