Young Adults

At Redwood Park Church we love Young Adults! Our YA community regularly gathers weekly on Sunday nights at Redwood for hangout, worship, groups and prayer. We welcome any YAs (age 18-29) to be part of the community. Young Adults is led by young adults and supported by staff and mentors. Love to see you there.

I’m new so…

If you’re trying out Young Adults for the first time: awesome, glad to have you check it out! The best way to figure out what is going on is to head over to our @redwoodparkya instagram. There you’ll find the updated information for the week and also get to know the community a little more.

If you’re a young adult coming out to our Sunday Night weekly gathering for the first time, fill out YA Connection Form. You can always fill it out when  you come, but it’s easier to get it done online before you show up and let us know you’re coming


Here’s the general flow of our weekly Sunday nights, so you know what to expect:

6:30PM Check-In / 45 Minute Hangout
7:15PM Worship
7:35PM Topic Groups
8:30PM Prayer Groups
9:00PM Hangout
End is open, some leave by 9:30PM, some have stayed much later and everywhere in between

Some weeks the flow is a little different, especially on holiday weekends, but check the Instagram to stay updated.

Connect with us

Do you have any more questions or comments regarding Young Adults? Feel free to reach out to our team by email or by messaging us on our @redwooparkya instagram. We’re all about Young Adults and we would love to hear from you!

Joel Brigham
Family Pastor