Redwood Park Men (RPM)

The role of Redwood Park Men (RPM) is to give men the opportunity to walk shoulder to shoulder with each other through serving opportunities, classes, and accountability groups to spur each other on to grow in their faith.


RPM Hikes are a low-stakes, fun way to connect with other guys, do something active, explore the beauty of our region. We also get together for dinner afterwards. The hikes are generally for all experience-levels, but you are always free to just join us for dinner.

WHO: Men of all ages

WHEN: Twice Monthly

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One of the best ways to build community and to be formed into men of Christ-like character is through serving together. From BBQs to various work projects, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to work alongside each other and to give of ourselves to bless others.

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Brothers in the Word

Pursuing Jesus is the way to the most incredible life in every way: satisfying relationships, a strong sense of purpose, deep self-knowledge, wisdom for great life decisions, and a personal connection to the God of the Universe, powering you to change the world.

If you’d like to kick your pursuit of Jesus into high gear, check out “Brothers in the Word”, a ministry of Redwood Park Men. It’s groups of three to five guys who commit to meeting weekly for at least a year. The goal is to steadily build the daily habits that Jesus taught and lived as you encourage and support one another with honesty and transparency.

Meetings begin with habit progress reports and praying for God’s power for your brothers. Then you study the Bible to get to know Jesus better. This is “Brothers in the Word”.

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If you are looking for a little help with life’s problems, or need somebody to just listen, we can help to match you up with someone who has been down that path.

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