Building Bridges: Next Steps

As we come to the end of our current teaching series, Building Bridges, can we really call it an end? As we look at what it means to be reconciled people reconciling the world, the series conclusion seems much more like the beginning of a new chapter for our church. Which begs the question, “where do we go from here?”

To guide us in our discerning, we want to make available some potential next steps to help us lean into how we can be active in pursuing reconciliation with God, with the Earth, with each other and with ourselves.


  • We grow in our relationship with God when we spend time with Him, but sometimes we need help with consistency. Here are some apps that could help (you can search for them in your respective app stores):
    • The Bible Project
    • Lectio 365
    • Pray As You Go
    • Reimagining the Examen
    • Bible in One Year


  • Join Redwood’s Green Team! Have ideas to help care for our Earth? Want to help our community seek reconciliation between humans and the earth? Come on out to our Green Team Meet & Greet to see what this ministry is all about, and what differences you can make.



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