Staff & Leadership

Rev. Milissa Ewing
Lead Pastor

Milissa is passionate about seeing men & women grow into the people God made them to be and seeing God move in and through the church to transform our city, region and world.

Milissa is a graduate of The University of British Columbia, Arrow Leadership, and finishing her studies at Tyndale Seminary. She loves spending time with her husband, Jay, and two daughters. In her free time, you will find Milissa painting, reading, trail running, skiing, swimming in lakes, or cycling.


Rev. Jay Ewing
Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Jay provides spiritual guidance and soul care for the Redwood Park community. He is passionate about seeing people come to know Christ and be spiritually formed into whole and healthy followers of Jesus.

Jay is a graduate of Ambrose University and Regent College. He has also been trained in Spiritual Direction through the Academy of Spiritual Formation and the School of Spiritual Direction. He loves spending time with his wife, Milissa, and two daughters. In his free time, you will find Jay rock climbing, trail running, skiing, swimming in lakes, or cycling.


Rev. Shawn Baran
Pastor of Worship & Communication Arts

Shawn is passionate about the Arts and how they can be a vessel of beauty and grace in a loud and dissonant world. How music, film, poetry and painting can draw people into a posture of curiosity and seeking; opening hearts and minds to the work of God, and so often challenging assumptions to point beyond the individual to more expansive, divine realities.

Shawn is a graduate of Rocky Mountain College. He loves being with his wife, Sara, and three kids. For recreation, you will find Shawn quietly reading in a corner with a fresh, hot coffee, seeing a film at the local cinema, playing video games, or walking in the stillness of the night with the melodic yearnings of dream pop music scoring the movement of the stars above.


Rev. Joel Brigham
Family Pastor

Joel leads Redwood Family Ministries from Nursery to Young Adults and specifically implements the High School & Young Adults ministries. He is super excited about seeing families follow Jesus and about this generation making a difference in this world.

Joel grew up in Thunder Bay and attended Redwood as a youth where some very significant moments of his life and God’s guidance led him into full-time ministry. He is a graduate of Canadian Bible College, and has a Master’s of Arts degree with a focus on Youth and Young Adult ministry from Sioux Falls Seminary in conjunction with the Coalition for Youth Ministry Excellence.

He loves hanging out with his wife, Michelle, and his three kids, Maci, Jace, and Maudie. Joel also enjoys building stuff, running, biking and soccer, as well as playing all sorts of board games with friends.


Katelyn Condon
Redwood Kids & Jr. High Pastor

Katelyn oversees our Redwood Kids and Jr. High ministries from Nursery to Grade 8. She loves having the opportunity to create fun and loving environments for kids & students to experience Jesus. If she’s not at Redwood, you’ll probably find her curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee with her giant dog Guinness.


Jackie Thiessen
Director of Operations

Jackie oversees the church’s operations, finance, human resources and facilities. She is passionate about developing people and working as part of the leadership team to support and further the mission of Redwood Park Church.

A member of our community since moving to Thunder Bay in 2007, Jackie joined the staff team in 2019 to develop policies and programs, and moved into her current role in 2021. She is a graduate of Trinity Western University and is currently enrolled in the Arrow Leadership Program.

Jackie loves spending time with her husband, Doug, and their two boys. She loves hiking, camping, travelling and reading a good book.


Jeremy Franczak
Technical Director

Jeremy leads the Redwood Tech Ministry and uses his passion for art and technology to assist in spreading the teachings of Jesus. Whether that be equipping our leaders with the tools they need to succeed, or working behind the scenes during a Sunday Service.

Jeremy graduated from the Film Production program at Confederation College in Thunder Bay and has cultivated his skill set over many years of working on TV, Movies and Theatre. In his free time, Jeremy enjoys gaming, cooking, and spending time with his wife Mikayla.


Kimberly Horton
Office Manager

Kimberly is passionate about creating order & organization and works quietly behind the scenes to keep the building (and the staff team!) running smoothly and efficiently.

Born & raised in Thunder Bay, Kimberly graduated from Confederation College and is a recent empty nester whose young adult kids have migrated south. She spends her free time catching up with good friends either on long walks through the beauty of Thunder Bay or over a nice hot cup of coffee. She also enjoys reading, building LEGO while listening to podcasts and trying to perfect the art of cooking for 1.


Brenden DeGiacomo
Maintenance Technician

Brenden does repairs, maintenance, and renovations to Redwood’s building and property. He has a passion for being hands-on and problem-solving, and puts these skills to use in updating and maintaining the building.
Brenden has been a member of the Redwood community since childhood and continues to be involved in Redwood Kids, Students, Young Adults, and the Worship team. He is currently in the final year of his Master’s of Science in Kinesiology at Lakehead University. If you don’t find Brenden at Redwood, you’ll find him repairing cars and technology, or finding a new project to work on. Brenden enjoys spending his free time with his wife Alanah and dog, Gus, camping, hiking, traveling, and eating ice cream.

Marina Konrad

Marina has spent the last 20 years or so building sets and stage design for various Redwood events and sermon series. Now she has a new position in the “custodial arts”.
When not seen with mop and bucket in Redwood hallways, she is spending time working at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium.

Board of Elders

The direction and runnings of Redwood Park Church are overseen by a Governing Board/Board of Elders. Board members encourage in-person or email communication from our congregation about church or personal matters at

Current board members are:

Helen Siren – Chair
Liz Straiton – Secretary
Mark Moulson – Treasurer
James Adegboye
Rob Freeman
Betty Kroeker
Vannessa Thelwell