We find ourselves in a very exciting season of change and vision refinement as a church. Sensing God’s leading in various areas and feeling some momentum, we made some significant shifts to our staffing structure at the end of June.

[ To read about some of those changes follow here to see our blog post from June 29 ]

My role has been expanded to include program and staff oversight for many of our key ministries. I will continue to be very involved in our Sunday services and music and worship ministry – but with the expansion of my role has come the need for additional staffing support to help make all of this possible. Earlier this spring it was clear that we needed to hire a worship director to step into the world of Sunday service planning (alongside our existing team), as well as developing music teams, leading rehearsals, and ultimately – championing a culture of worship within Redwood. Our Sunday worship experiences are an extremely important part of who we are as church community.

The job was posted 2 months ago and we had almost 2 dozen applicants from all over North America! We are very excited to announce that Andrea Pilon has accepted the position of Worship Director and Communications Assistant.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 7.23.48 PMAndrea has been a key volunteer in Redwood’s worship ministry over the past several years and she has emerged as a strong leader with a deep passion for worship and music in the church. If you’ve seen her leading on Sundays you already know that she is a very gifted vocalist, but what you may not know is she brings strong behind-the-scenes leadership as well as much needed administration experience from working in a law office for several years.

Good process and diligence in this hire was a top priority for us, and now being on the other side of that process we are thrilled to have a very capable leader in play who loves Thunder Bay, loves Redwood, and more importantly, someone who already ‘gets’ who we want to be and who we want to reach as a church. Andrea will be able to hit the ground running when she officially joins our staff team in early September.

Along with Worship ministry, Andrea will also be a key player in assisting in our communication strategy and initiatives as a church, both internally and externally. You will begin to see what this is all about as we roll out some of these projects later in September. 

As I enter my 12th year on staff at Redwood, I can honestly say I’m not sure I’ve ever been more excited for what is happening right now at our church. So many recent behind the scenes interactions with our staff, board, and core volunteers has reminded me that we have a bright future ahead of us as a church if we stay true to who God has called us to be and if we are bold enough to make the moves he is calling us to make.

~ Jarret Popowich

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