I have been loving my new role and the opportunity I have been given to work closely with our ministry leaders and teams – striving to bring great levels of intentionality in all that we do, while keeping the big picture in mind as we always look to the future as a church.

This has been a huge year of change and transition in our Student Ministry – Much of this started 6 months ago with Jesse Hochstetler stepping up and taking the reigns as our Youth Pastor.

If you know Jesse, you know that his passion for Redwood is obvious and his huge heart for students is inspiring. So that, AND the fact that he seems to have endless amounts of energy and excitement, means that he is absolutely up for the challenge! We believe that Redwood’s Student Ministry has a bright and exciting future under Jesse’s leadership. 

Coming into the Fall ministry season, we saw the need for change in our Student Ministry, so we made strategic shifts to the program. Change is never an easy thing, but, we find ourselves in a season of rebuilding for the future. We knew that if we were going to significantly revamp the program, we had to be prepared to put the work in and commit to the transitions for the long haul. We are future-focused and are trusting where we feel God is leading us. 

One of the biggest changes we have made: We have reintroduced a worship service exclusively for High School Students. 



This is a night jam packed with a bit of everything – music and worship, a time of teaching, hangouts before and after, food, milk shakes, and games. United Nights are where students can hangout with friends, or meet new ones, connect with leaders, grow and be challenged in their faith, and ultimately just get to be a part of an amazing community that has a great impact in their lives.

Our next United Night is happening this Sunday, October 30th @ 7pm

If you are attending Redwood and are wondering how you can support the work of our Student Ministry, here’s some significant things you can do:

Get involved! We have opportunities for you to volunteer in the programs that we offer to children and students of all ages 0-18!  For more info, you can email Jesse jhochstetler@redwoodpark.org ]

Encourage your students to attend! If you’re a parent, encourage your kids to come out to our programs. We want to see your kids get connected in our community! If you don’t have high schoolers under your own roof, encourage those you are connected with to come out. [more info at www.redwoodstudents.ca ]

Pray for our students! It’s scary to think of the pressures of being a young person today and everything the world can throw at our students. Be praying for the students in our community! The relationships that are built within our community establish the positive foundations for their futures. 

Give! If you’re not already financially supporting the work of Redwood, this might be a great thing for you to consider. Our youth and student programs are only made possible because of your generosity. [ www.redwoodpark.ca/give ]

Our students are the future of our church. We want see students who are fully alive followers of Jesus that will impact our city and world. God is doing new and exciting things in our church and we want to thank you for joining us on this incredible journey and adventure God is calling us to.

– Jarret

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