How did you hear about this opportunity at Redwood?          

I heard about this opportunity at Redwood through previous interns, Tom & Ian, who both interned at Redwood a few years ago.

Tell us about your internship and what you’ll be focusing on in the coming year.

My internship focuses on worship and I’ll be working under Dre and Jarret. I’ll be involved in worship during the Sunday services and I’ll be leading the worship team at United nights.

Where are you from? What has stood out to you the most about Thunder Bay so far?

I’m from a little town in Northern Ireland called Lurgan. I absolutely love Thunder Bay already. It’s so beautiful! There are so many amazing places to see. My favourite place so far has been Kakabeka Falls.

What do you do for fun? What keeps you busy when you’re not at work?

I really like listening to music; it’s one of my favourite things to do. Two of my favourite artists are Bon Iver & Taylor Swift. I enjoy taking photos as well, nothing professional- normally of a cool coffee shop or some nature scenery.

What are you hoping to learn or achieve, personally, through this internship?

This year, I want to learn more about the importance of worship and how to lead people into a place of worship really well. I’d also like to learn more about the practical aspects of worship, for example, building a worship team band and the best way to introduce new songs.

Personally, when I applied for the internship, I felt that the Lord was calling me out of my comfort zone and challenging me to lean more fully into who He is. For me, that means becoming more dependent on Him in all the areas of my life, and trusting that He knows best, even when I can’t see the outcome.

If a family from church invited you over for dinner, what meal would you be most excited to eat?

Lasagna, for sure.

If you are going to binge watch Netflix, what are you most likely watching? 

Friends- it’s a classic.



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