This June I have completed my third year as Lead Pastor at Redwood. It continues to be a privilege to lead our church and work with our amazing staff team. We have an incredible group of men and women who lead the charge in helping make Redwood such a great church.

As we move into this next season I am excited to let you know about some changes we are making to our staff team to position us for greater things.

Jesse Hochstetler is officially our youth pastor overseeing our middle school and high school programs. Jesse has been on our team for many years as an apprentice and our middle school pastor. He has done a great job working with our students and volunteers. If you know Jesse, you know he has a passion for sharing God’s love with our students. I am looking forward to seeing him continue to lead our youth into greater things.

Mark Davenport is stepping up to a full time role as he unleashes some of his hidden talents. You might not know this about Mark, but he is basically a black belt in administration. This is a skill set that we have needed for quite some time for our church. I am excited to have him step up and help strengthen us in this area. I’m already getting better sleep as he has started sorting things out.

Our biggest move is having Jarret Popowich transition into a new leadership role. Jarret has been leading our worship ministry for a long time. He does an amazing job of developing his worship teams and leading us into authentic and powerful times of worship. Something I have appreciated about Jarret is how his leadership gifts go far beyond the platform. He has helped shaped a lot of who we are as a church.

Jarret is going to be extending his leadership role by overseeing each of our core ministries (kids, youth, adults, worship) and working with each of our ministry pastors to continue developing effective ministry strategies. In order to unleash Jarret in his new role we will be adding a new worship director to our team who will oversee our worship ministries. Don’t worry! Jarret will still be an active part of our worship ministry. We are currently in the process of looking for this new team member and would appreciate your prayers as we all transition into this new ministry season.

Once again, it is a privilege to lead our church and be on this adventure with each of you who call Redwood home.

~ Joel Enyart


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