Hey Redwood Family,

We had a big announcement this Sunday regarding Paul transitioning off our staff team as he embraces a new partnership within our Alliance District family. Here is what is going on with Paul:

“When I moved to Thunder Bay in August 2009 I thought I would be here for just a year, then that year become 2 and has now been 7 years. After many long sleepless nights, and longer conversations, it is with mixed emotions that I want to let you know that there won’t be a year 8.

I am going to be taking a new role working in the GTA as an Associate Pastor in one of our Alliance Churches in partnership with new ventures helping churches multiply in our District. I will be focusing on leadership development, church health, and catalyzing them towards mission. To be honest, its a dream job that suits me to the ’T’!

This has been one of the harder decisions I have ever made – it is ironically up there in difficulty with the decision i made to stay here in Tbay all those years ago and not go back home to Northern Ireland.

Thunder Bay was once a strange, redneck, isolated city to me… and it still is… 😉 but it has become home, and it will always be home for me.

I want to thank everyone at Redwood, this incredible community, for letting me invest in you in this last 7 years, but also for the investment you have made in me.

So, that’s the scoop! I will be stepping into this new adventure in April which means we got one month left to party together and make some awesome memories. See you around Redwood and Chapters over the next month.”

-Paul Ireland

Obviously this is a big change for our church and it is bittersweet. Bitter because we are saying goodbye to an amazing friend and pastor. Sweet because we get to be a part of this new chapter in Paul’s life as he is working within our district network of churches. I want to encourage each of us to be intentional in connecting with Paul over the next several weeks and thank him, encourage him, and let him know how he as impacted you in his time with us.

Here’s to celebrating God’s kingdom work both within our church and beyond!

Joel Enyart

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