What's It All About?

Kid.Future.Now. is about investing in the future of our church. We find ourselves in a time of change and transition in our Kid’s Ministry. We are not scared of change, rather we recognize that God is leading us into a new season and we are excited for what the future holds.
We want to invest time, energy, and resources into improving our Kid’s Ministry and facility. One of our church values is “Excellence,” and it’s time to make sure that this value is consistent across our entire campus. We want to shift our programming focus for our elementary aged children and create a dynamic worship experience for our grades 1-5 kids that is similar to that of our adult services in our main auditorium.
The Gym…
A large part of this project includes converting our gym into a multi-use space. Mid-week, our gymnasium will continue to be used for various youth programs and activities. On Sunday’s, our gym will transform into a kids & youth worship centre, complete with a stage, lighting, and sound for the ability to lead dynamic worship services. This as an integral part of the future and development of both our children and youth ministries.

The Cost

Our Staff and Board team have developed a budget of $180,000 that will cover the many different components of Kids.Future.Now.


1. Environments Are Lame.
When you walk from our foyer into our Kid’s Ministry wing, it’s not hard to see that there is a huge difference in the quality of the environment. Much of the old Redwood School has not been properly developed or updated and this is no longer acceptable. Our kid’s deserve better! Our kids deserve the same quality experience & environment that our adults have become accustomed to in our main auditorium.
2. Inviting Should Be Easy
We want to make it easy for you and your kids to be able to invite anyone to church. By both investing in the environments, as well as making some intentional shifts in how we approach our Elementary age programming, we can empower our kids to think beyond themselves and make it easy for them to invite their friends to come to church.


1. Summer Renovations.
In May, we began tackling the various renovations involved with Kids.Future.Now. This will be a 4-month project leading up to a September launch.
2. Leadership Development
Shifting Sunday’s Elementary aged worship experience to the gym will require new teams; worship leaders, sound and lighting volunteers, breakout group leaders, and other support teams. We have begun recruiting and we will continue to build these teams throughout the summer.

Be All In!

Kids.Future.Now is so much more than just improving our facility; it’s about empowering our Kid’s Ministry, investing in the future of our church, and strengthening our ability to reach unchurched families in Thunder Bay.

1. Volunteer & Help Transform Our Children’s Wing. (below)

2. Give. Invest in our Kid’s Ministry through your generous giving to Kids.Future.Now. (Click Here)

3. Serve In Kid’s Ministry. We have many teams and volunteer needs to create the excellent Sunday experience we envision. (below)

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2 Other Projects Included...

Adult Meeting Space

We need to develop a larger space that properly facilitates our adult classes for both our mid-week studies and Sunday classes. We have decided to develop the room in the south east corner (currently known as the “Windows Room”), as this room has the largest seating capacity of all the classrooms.
This space will allow us to further develop our “Next Step” classes (Starting Point, Second Steps, Baptism Classes, etc.). Currently, these are running regularly throughout the year, but often in small rooms where seating is jammed wall to wall with no ability to grow beyond their current size.

Youth Room

We need to develop a youth room where our weekly Jr. High & High School Ministries can meet for Sunday morning, mid-week and other weekend programming. This will also be their primary space for after school drop-in & hang outs.
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