On Sunday, March 26 we gave a special update during our services.

Our Kids Pastor, Jenny Vaithilingam, has been on maternity leave since summer of last year.  The plan has always been for Jenny to return in June.  At this point in time Jenny has let us know she will not be returning due to health related challenges.  Many of you know that Jenny has struggled with autoimmune related issues and has faced these with a strength of character that is extraordinary.  This past year has been quite a journey for her as she has finally gotten answers regarding the health related challenges she has faced her entire life.

The good news is that with the help of doctors she has gotten clarity and support here in Thunder Bay that she has never had before.  The challenge is that the answers have not been easy to embrace and will impact her ability to work in the future.  As Jenny and Darren shared this news with me I was humbled by the grace with which they are walking into this new season of life together.  They are truly exceptional people that I have been blessed to know over the years.

We are currently working with Jenny to help her navigate her next steps.  I would encourage you to reach out with love and support as the future unfolds for her and her family.  These are the moments that reveal the depth of our community and what it looks like to be a church family beyond the walls of the building.

As we look to the future of our Kids Ministry we will all need to work together in order to continue leading our kids into discovering new life in Jesus.  Our kid’s ministry volunteers play such a critical role in the life of our church, having tremendous impact in the lives of our families, our church, and the future generation.

As we’ve been learning from the life of Joseph in this past message series, curve balls are a part of life.  But just as God was in every moment with Joseph, preparing him and leading him toward a better day, God is also working Jenny’s life and in our Kids Ministry.  Let’s stay faithful to what we need to do together every week so that we can discover the amazing future He has for all of us.


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