Tell us about your apprenticeship and what you’ll be focusing on in the coming 3 years at Redwood?

I am starting a Pastoral Apprenticeship in Student Ministries, so basically… I will be in an extended internship while at the same time completing my Bachelor of Theology in Youth and Family Ministry through distance education. My main focus this year is mostly in Redwood’s Jr.High ministry. I will be overseeing both the Wednesday night ‘EDGE’ program and the Sunday morning program for Jr.High students (gr. 6-8) – as well as training volunteers in these areas. I will also be involved with the high school program. 

You grew up at Redwood but you sort of disappeared for a bit last year… Tell us what you were up to!

Last summer, as soon as I finished my internship here at Redwood, I headed down to Kitchener for the year. I started school at Emmanuel Bible College for the first year of my bachelors. While at school I was involved with worship and student ministries at a local church, as well as being involved with the chapel team and being an ambassador for the school. After I was finished my semester I headed to Toronto for the summer and worked at an organization called YouthWorks. YouthWorks is a youth camp that is focussed on connecting students and youth ministries to local missions and social justice issues. I worked with youth and their leaders all over Toronto at soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and nursing homes.

katelyn-blogWhat did you miss most about Thunder Bay while you were gone?

I  missed my friends, family, and everything about Redwood, but I really really missed my 120lbs dog Guinness. He’s my buddy and follows me around everywhere, so I definitely missed my not so little guy while I was away. I also missed all the outdoor adventures that Tbay has to offer. There aren’t too many options for that in Kitchener/Toronto.

What has got you most excited about Redwood right now?

I think God is up to something very special at Redwood throughout this next few years, and I’m just excited to be a part of that. I’m excited to learn and grow and serve alongside amazing people, and see all the ways that God is going to shaping this community.

What do you do for fun? Any hobbies, interests? What keeps you busy when you’re not at work?

Well, I love music. Playing my guitar and making music is one of my favourite things. Another hobby, although slightly more terrifying, is knife throwing. My brother got me a set of throwing knives for my 19th birthday and I love setting up a target in my back yard and throwing for a while. What can I say, I was raised by boys!

You’ve been at Redwood for a while…What’s been your go-to nick name? Everyone’s got one…

Ever since grade seven, way back when I was in the jr. high program myself, I was given the nick name “Condor.” I hated it at first, but it grew on me. Good thing too, because to this day that is still what the majority of people call me!

What are you hoping to learn or achieve, personally, through this apprenticeship?

I want to learn the practical skills needed to lead and run a ministry, so that when I graduate and move on from Redwood I am able to effectively lead a ministry of my own. More than that though, I want to continue to learn what it means to be someone who leads with humility, integrity, and wisdom. I want to never stop growing, and I want to be able to leave this apprenticeship knowing that I am a different person than when I started.

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