Tell us about your internship and what you’ll be focusing on in the coming year.

My responsibilities as a youth ministry intern this year will include planning High School programs at the church and at the drop-in centre at Churchill, leading a Jr and Sr high small groups, and helping run programs for kids in grades 4/5 on Sunday mornings and Monday nights. My focus is to contribute new ideas but also to learn new ways of doing things from Jesse and the rest of the team and all their experience.

How did you hear about this opportunity at Redwood?

I first learned about Redwood when I made the decision to venture out to South America with the Mission Peru organization in June 2015. I loved being in Peru and serving alongside everyone from Redwood and I remember how sad I was as the trip came to an end. I came to the realization that I might never see these crazy Redwood people ever again because, “who in their right mind just moves to Thunder Bay!?” Around October of the same year, I received a message from a mutual friend of Jesse’s – All he sent me was a link to the Redwood Internship application and the words, “you need to do this.” God’s presence was undeniable through the application process and interview and His careful orchestration is the reason I’m here today.

14341829_10209013424710529_1789723045_n-1Where are you from? What has stood out to you the most about Thunder Bay so far?

I’m from Brampton, a city in Southern Ontario. Growing up I lived just a 20 minute drive from downtown Toronto. I would describe Thunder Bay as ‘smaller but mightier’. Everything I’ve agreed to be a part of so far seems like an amazing race event, “Lets go eat 12lbs of ribs,” “Lets go climb Mount Mckay,” “Who’s up for another round of Slip’n slide baseball?” to name a few. Everyone that I’ve met or reunited with here so far is into doing decently hardcore things  and I’m beyond excited to be a part of that this year!

What do you do for fun? Hobbies, or interests… What keeps you busy when you’re not at work?

The great outdoors are pretty great, I’ve spent the past 4 summers at Calvary Temple Youth Camp running ridiculous games and leading overnight campouts. I spend as much time as I can snowboarding in the winter. I also play a variety of instruments and love to keep the good times rolling by making and listening to music.

What are you hoping to learn or achieve, personally, through this internship?

I know that I love inspiring, encouraging, and building relationships with youth, but I wanted to experience the other aspects that come with making that a full time job. I’ve already learned a ton of new things about planning programs, promoting, and delegating. I am excited to learn from the Redwood staff and volunteer teams and allow them to equip me for any future opportunities that come my way.

If you are going to binge watch Netflix, what are you most likely watching? 

Documentaries. If your gonna lay around and get fat off of chips you might as well learn something new.

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