This year Redwood Park Church has an incredible opportunity to change Christmas for 175 children in Thunder Bay through Dilico’s “Christmas Wish Campaign.” It is every child’s wish to wake up Christmas morning with a gift under the tree. We believe that we are called by God to make a difference in Thunder Bay, and what better way to brighten a child’s Christmas than by blessing them with presents on Christmas morning. Dilico has over 700 Wish Bags for children and youth in Thunder Bay, between the ages of 0-18 years old. Redwood Park has been given the opportunity to impact 175 of these children this Christmas. 


Be sure to drop by the foyer this Sunday to pick up a bag, or two! The bag will have a tag on it that will give you important information you’ll need before you purchase the presents. (gender, age, and what they enjoy)

IMPORTANT! The bags have to be returned on Sunday December 11th (or anytime before). They can be dropped off in the foyer.

As a church, we have been given an amazing opportunity to bless these children with this simple, loving acting. Let’s do this!

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