Standing on top of the slide in the Sr Kindergarten room, with this hands on his hips and with as much attitude as he could muster, a 6yr old declared “God’s ways are not better, mine are.” This precious little guy had just joined the Redwood Kids Sunday morning program this summer after being removed from his home and placed with a foster family that attends Redwood Park Church. As he continued to participate in our program it was clear he was becoming more engaged. Two months after his statement, he made an other declaration “Superheroes are strong, but Jesus is stronger and God made both of them, so he must be the strongest!” In the few months that he has been in the Redwood Kids program, we can honestly say he has impacted our leaders as much as we seem to have impacted him. It is amazing to see kids grow in their faith as they learn more about God. 

In this past year as Redwood Kids has seen almost 400 kids in the many programs we run, it has been obvious that all these kids have a story to tell. These children are coming from all walks of life, some happy and safe, and sadly some not safe at all. It has been our goal to make Redwood Kids an inviting, caring and safe place where the children who come feel welcome, accepted and loved. We strive to teach these children three basic truths; God made me, God loves me  and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. We are excited to see these truths resignation with the children, bringing them hope and the sense that they are special.

Crafts is always a favourite activity with the Elementary group. However, they will tell you that making things for other people it more satisfying then making things for themselves. This has come out in the making of the  Get Well cards they sent to the kids in the hospital, raising money for the youth team to go to Peru and making thank you cards for the volunteers who make their program run. It is so encouraging to see, even at a young age, these children living out God’s love.

Thank you Redwood adults for being a great example for our children. This past Sunday, we distributed 150 “Dilico Christmas Wish Bags” and we are happy to report that we have none left, every bag has been signed out! A Dilico Bag represents a child in need and filling the needs of each bag is an amazing opportunity to live beyond ourselves and bless a child at Christmas time. We saw many families leaving on Sunday with their kids carrying these bags, eager to fill them for other children; children in our community and children in our program. It is an honour to serve the children and families of our community. Thank you for making many Christmas wishes come true!

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