We couldn’t be more exited about spending Christmas with you guys! The lead up to Christmas can be a hectic time. Scrambling through the hustle and bustle, entertaining those favourite relatives (and some of the awkward ones too), and juggling all those Christmas events that you and your crew have been invited to.

We wanted to take a moment to remind you of how important it is to invite and bring someone… Sometimes it can be tough to push through and actually ask someone to come along with you, so heres a few tips to help you build those on- ramps for people to get on this highway we call ‘the faith journey’ with you.

The first step is to Name Your Shame

Try to uncover the part of you that hesitates when you think about inviting someone along to Church, or into a conversation around faith.

It could be embarrassment, you could feel like you are inconsistent in your own life and that causes shame, you might not think you know enough… The good news is that you can be free from that shame. God is the one that is working in peoples lives, God is the one who rescues, God is the one who changes people… so you don’t have to be worried about that – you just have to change the way you think by naming your shame, then getting over it.

The next thing is to help people Connect The Dots

When you are nice, kind, good to people… they actually start to see God through you. When you do good, people see God… so do good, so that people around you would connect the dots between how you live and the God you serve.

Finally Enjoy The Risk…

This journey of helping someone discover their purpose in life is nothing short of exhilarating… and we want you to experience that! If you are part of a faith community, its because someone took a risk with you… so today why not ask God to bring someone into your life that you can start to walk with towards an encounter with God.

Theres lots at stake – we must learn to become a community of inviters and investors because Every Empty Seat Is An Opportunity

Every conversation is a journey waiting happen…

Every person you ever come eye to eye with is someone who is loved by God..

Every story is filled with potential and purpose.

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