With every new season comes change… and as exciting as new seasons can be, change usually results in some sort of transition.  For over 10 years the ministry of Threads (our used clothing store) operated on the main floor of our Opportunities Centre, to bring financial support to our food bank and to the costs of maintaining building.  Not only did Threads help to bring financial support, it also provided a great service to the clients of our food bank and residents of the Northwood neighbourhood.  

A handful of volunteers served faithfully in this ministry for over a decade, and when we shared the vision of a new season of ministry within our Opportunities Centre, they gracefully accepted the call to come alongside the vision and help in retiring the ministry of Threads, to make space for New Hope Church to move into the main floor of the building. We are very excited that the building will be once again used for it’s original intended purpose…to be a church!  With a month of hard work, the volunteers were able to help liquidate the assets of Threads to new uses, and the store was officially retired by March 29th, 2016.

Thank you to Jeanne Adams, Doris Gazzola, Shanthi Gulavita, Shelley McFarlane, Dorothy Peterson for all of your years of service, and a huge special thank you to Cathy Brigham, who oversaw all operations of Threads and coordinated all of the elements for this ministry to run successfully since its beginning!  

The ministry of Threads will be greatly missed, but we look forward with great anticipation to the new season God is bringing forth with New Hope Church joining the ministries in our Opportunities Centre.  New Hope is already busy with renovations in the building, and are hoping to begin meeting there as a church by early May of this year.

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