How did you hear about this opportunity at Redwood?

I have attended Redwood all my life and in the past few years I have been very involved in volunteering in Kid’s Ministry and The Edge (Jr. High). I interacted with a lot of interns that served at Redwood over the years and they inspired me to apply.

Tell us about your internship and what you’ll be focusing on?

My internship is spread out across a few ministries at Redwood, but I am mainly going to be focusing on running Kid’s Ministry programs on Sunday mornings & Tuesday nights, as well as running “The Edge” on Wednesday nights.

What stood out to you about Redwood that made you decide to stay in Thunder Bay after high school?

I would say that my years in high school were not successful in preparing me for what I want to do with my life… because I don’t know what I want to do with my life. As I considered my options, Katelyn Condon started encouraging me to explore an internship. Eventually, I realized that even if I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, I did want to do this internship. Redwood has always been a part of my life and I want to help be a part of what Redwood is doing in this city.

What do you do for fun? What keeps you busy when you are not at work?

I love to be active and get outdoors. In the winter, I try to go skiing a lot and in the summer I enjoy biking and going on adventures. To unwind, I usually find myself sitting down to some good movies/TV shows or chilling with some friends.

What are you hoping to learn or achieve, personally, through this internship?

This year I am hoping to gain insight on whether working in ministry is for me. I’ve volunteered for a long time and I think now it will be interesting to help organize and lead programs. I am also hoping to strengthen my relationship with God.

If a family from church invited you over for dinner, what meal would you be most excited to eat?

Honestly, I’d be excited for just a nice BBQ with some greasy burgers, but I would be down for just about anything other than seafood.

If you are going to binge watch Netflix, what are you most likely watching?

I’m all for The Office; it’s my number one favourite show. Besides that, I’ll binge pretty much any movie series available, How I Met Your Mother, or The Marvel TV series.

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